Paris 85.90 €UR (-0.88%) 13:16 21/05/2020
85,90 €

-0,88% (Last closing price)
Michelin share price

4457,67 pts

-0,87% (Last closing price)
CAC 40

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Beyond owning shares, investing in Michelin means committing to the long term in a relationship of trust

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Practical meeting information on the General Meeting of Michelin

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Michelin offers you insights to better understand its History and Activities

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Michelin answers the questions most frequently asked by its shareholders

Group Financial Results publications

Group News

  • May 14 2020

The Michelin Group’s Universal Registration Document

  • April 14 2020

How Michelin contributes to the fight against COVID-19

  • March 13 2020

A look back at a busy year at Michelin

  • March 5 2020

Tire Manufacturer of the Year, Innovation Award : two major awards for Michelin

  • February 26 2020

Michelin takes action for safer mobility

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    • What does mean ? Net income ? ?
    • What does mean ? Free float ? ?
    • What does mean ? Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) ? ?


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