The Michelin group has been evolving for several years in a changing environment: new competition is upsetting our markets, new needs are emerging among our customers, new technologies are redesigning our industry, digital is profoundly changing the Company and the expectations of our audiences, new geopolitical deal questions our certainties. These changes are all exciting challenges for the Group. To meet them, Michelin has strong long-term assets: a unifying and assertive purpose, an ambitious and long-term strategy, a global brand, the foundation of trust and value, as well as teams that have always been able to anticipate and adapt to the new requirements of customers and stakeholders.

Michelin history

Michelin purpose

Activities and strategy

Michelin's strategic vision is based on the strong and structuring conviction that the Group's sustainable growth will be based on three pillars of equal importance:

  • financial performance guarantees the sustainability of the company
  • attention to the men and women of the Company at the service of their development, and
  • respect for the planet and its inhabitants.


The MICHELIN brand, its technological leadership and the commitment of its teams are the Group's main strengths.


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What are the four areas of Michelin's growth?


The tires

A technological leader in tires for all forms of mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures and distributes the tires most suited to the very diverse needs and uses of its customers, with a single ambition: long-term performance.
Michelin has joined forces with Camso, a technological leader in the market for tracks and associated systems that equip agricultural, handling and construction machines, snowmobiles.


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Services and Solutions

A pioneer in connected tires, the Group provides professionals and services that improve the performance, safety and environmental footprint of their activities.


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Mobility Experiences

Michelin offers maps, guides, digital services and exclusive offers that facilitate mobility and provide its customers with memorable moments during their travels and trips. The Mobility Experiences cover the areas of gastronomy, accommodation, wines, travel and itineraries.


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"High-tech materials"

Michelin has recognized unique know-how in the physics and chemistry of materials, which it enriches through acquisitions and develops in other industries.

The fields of high technology materials (reinforced polymers, biomaterials, hydrogen, etc.) and advanced industrial processes (3D metal printing in particular) are at the heart of the differentiation of our products and have strong growth potential.


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  • September 26 2019

Bio-sourced materials: a new milestone!

  • August 29 2018

MICHELIN Road 5 Motorbike Tires: lasting performance thanks to 3D metal printing

  • November 21 2019

How Michelin and Faurecia AIM to create a world leader in the fuel cell industry

Michelin is broadening its business base and transforming itself to meet the emerging expectations of its customers



The new organization introduced since 2018 is participating in this transformation.
The goal: to promote growth, through simpler, more flexible and more agile operation. Global business lines develop offers for customers, according to different expectations: driving enthusiasts, long-haul truckers or mining companies. The regions, whose contours have been redefined reflect local culture affinities. The operational departments provide their expertise and support.



Simplification also involves increasing employee empowerment, with decisions made as close to operations and customers as possible and initiative and dialogue actively encouraged. This trust-based relationship fosters commitment and drives faster transformation by motivating everyone to contribute to the process.



The Group is stepping up its digitalization with the deployment of new solutions for its customers, suppliers and employees.
Our Factory of the Future and Factolab programs are preparing new Human-machine collaborations. The latter will aim to improve working conditions, while freeing the creativity of each employee.

Digital Manufacturing and empowerment put data at the service of men and women in workshops for more autonomy, better efficiency, better responsiveness and a reduced environmental footprint.

  • September 4 2019

Leverage the full potential of digital technology to retain our leadership



Mobility, especially in its sustainable forms, is now being facilitated by a growing number of operators. Addressing the related issues requires a new, multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together public authorities, private sector stakeholders and NGOs. As the world's leading research force in the field of tires, we are expanding our ecosystem with a forward-facing open innovation strategy: more than 300 research partnerships, an Incubator Program Office (IPO), a venture capital fund, joint ventures.

Deeply embedded in the Group’s DNA is the belief that innovation and progress must serve people and society for the better. Michelin is committed to demonstrating that the 4th Industrial Revolution is an opportunity for everyone.

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