There are many extra-financial indices, labels and ratings. In order to assess its environmental, societal and governance performance as objectively as possible, the Michelin Group monitors its performance with the main internationally recognised rating agencies.

Non-financial ratings

The Group is widely recognized as a leader in sustainable mobility

non-financial ratings

Refrence index

Michelin maintains its presence in the Ethibel index (Excellence Europe et Global), Euronext VigeoEiris (France 20, Europe 120, Eurozone 120, World 120) and FTSE4Good.


Other awards

Responsible procurement

In June 2019, Michelin was awarded the French government’s “Responsible Supplier Relations and Procurement” label. To date, Michelin is the only company to have been recognized by the Label for all of its purchasing operations worldwide. At the same time, in May 2019, Michelin received certification that its purchasing practices were mature with regard to the new international ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement standard.

Logo relations fournisseurs et achats responsables


In a commitment to combatting gender wage inequality, France's Secretary of State for Gender Equality and the Ministry of Labor introduced a gender equality index in 2019. With Michelin France rated 94/100, the index indicated that the company’s gender equality in the workplace program has had a very positive impact.


Social responsibility

Michelin has been honored with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from French financial weekly AGEFI. The award recognizes the commitment of everyone across the organization, who demonstrate and embody Michelin’s social responsibility in their behavior and decisions as they strive to make sustainable mobility a reality.



In September 2019, AGEFI awarded Michelin its Corporate Governance Grand Prize.

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