Biographies of Executive Committee Members

Learn more about the members of Michelin’s Executive Committee: Florent Menegaux, Michelin’s CEO, and the 9 committee members.

Corporate governance

At Michelin, corporate governance is a robust process focused on long-term responsibility.

Management Team

Michelin is led by Florent Menegaux, Chief Executive Officer. He is assisted by the Group Executive Committee, which is comprised of 9 members.

The supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board exercises permanent oversight of the Company’s management. It assesses its quality for the benefit of the shareholders, presenting a report thereon at each Annual Shareholders Meeting.

Say on pay

The Annual Shareholders Meeting has the opportunity to issue an advisory vote on the compensation paid and awarded to the Managing Chairman, the Managers and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Risk management and internal control

Over 190,000 shareholders put their trust in Michelin. The Group has a duty to anticipate and manage the risks associated with its corporate strategy.

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