“Michelin-Enviro partnership”

Michelin partners with Enviro to develop and mass produce an innovative pyrolysis technology to recycle end-of-life tires. The partnership fits seamlessly with the Group’s “All Sustainable” vision.

COVID-19: Mobilizied



“Michelin has mobilized on all fronts”

COVID-19: Michelin has mobilized on all fronts to produce masks and visors. The Group is also involved in many other projects involving medical device components, patient-positioning cushions and hand sanitizer.

COVID-19: Masks



“Reusable face masks’ manufacturing”

COVID-19: Michelin and other companies in France’s Auvergne-Rh?ne-Alpes region step up to mass manufacture reusable face masks.

COVID-19: Michelin mobilized

Office Busy Meeting Colleagues Corporate Data Concept


“Compensation’s reduction”

COVID-19: During the health crisis, in a spirit of solidarity with the community of Michelin employees, the Managers and the members of both the Executive Committee and the Supervisory Board have reduced their compensation.




“Two awards for Michelin UPTIS”

Michelin wins a double at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover, being voted “Tire Manufacturer of the Year” for the second consecutive year and earning the Innovation Award for Uptis, its puncture-proof tire.

AS 24



“Michelin and AS 24”

Michelin and Total subsidiary AS 24 join forces to design and trial Fleet Diag 24, a new connected diagnostic solution to inspect truck tires in service stations.

Produciton site


“Michelin plant in La Roche-sur-Yon ”

The Michelin Guide has teamed up with TripAdvisor? and TheFork to bring users an array of exclusive and unique dining experiences, with access to a broader selection of gourmet restaurants worldwide. For TheFork, the acquisition of Bookatable opens up 5 new markets: the UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, and Norway.


Visuel illustrant The MICHELIN Guide


“The MICHELIN Guide, TripAdvisor?, and TheFork launch an international strategic partnership”

The Michelin Guide has teamed up with TripAdvisor? and TheFork to bring users an array of exclusive and unique dining experiences, with access to a broader selection of gourmet restaurants worldwide. For TheFork, the acquisition of Bookatable opens up 5 new markets: the UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, and Norway.

Formula-e connected tire



“Michelin launches the first connected racing tire for Formula-E Season 6”

With Michelin Track Connect, its connected solution for motorsport which was used in international car racing and an FIA championship for the first time in 2019-2020, Michelin is investing to stay on the cutting edge of technology. For the Group, this solution also represents a way to accelerate connected mobility for all.




“Faurecia and Michelin including its subsidiary “Symbio”, formalize their joint venture and aim to create a world leader in mobility”

In March 2019, Faurecia and Michelin announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding to create a joint venture bringing together all of Michelin’s fuel cell related activities - including its subsidiary Symbio – with those of Faurecia. ?An alliance that just a few months later led to the creation of SYMBIO, A FAURECIA MICHELIN HYDROGEN COMPANY, which aims to achieve +25% market share and sales of around €1.5 billion by 2030.

AgroPressure by Michelin



“Michelin presents AgroPressure by Michelin, a free decision support module, at the 2019 AGRITCHNICA show.”

With its new AgroPressure by Michelin service, the Michelin Group is offering a personalized, connected solution that its agricultural customers can use to make the most of their equipment, protect their soil, and increase their yields.?It also offers benefits in terms of fuel costs and tire wear.

Michelin & Essilor



“Michelin and Essilor join forces for safer mobility, with the announcement of a two-year Memorandum of Understanding”
Michelin and Essilor have decided to formalize their shared commitment to road safety with a cooperation agreement that combines both companies’ expertise. Its goal: raising public awareness of the importance of having good vision and tires in good condition that are reliable up to the legal wear limit to keep them safe on the road.

Production site


Michelin announces its intention to close the La Roche-sur-Yon (France) site.”

The La Roche-sur-Yon site, which specializes in high-end truck tires, will end production. The Michelin Group’s decision was driven by the lack of growth potential on the European market of this tire segment, heightened competition, and the steady growth of the entry level brand segment. On 23 January, a majority agreement for aiding employees was signed by unions representing its personnel.




The BioImpulse project is giving new impetus to biotechnologies in materials”

The BioImpulse project, which Michelin coordinates through its ResiCare entity, aims to create a new adhesive resin that is free of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). The global market targeted by this replacement resin has very strong potential, particularly in the automotive and construction industries. Remember that biosourced materials support the Group’s growth strategy of changing mobility to make it more sustainable.




“Michelin, IFPEN, and Axens announce the construction of the first industrial-scale prototype of a plant producing butadiene from bioethanol”

This decision lends a new dimension to the BioButterfly project and highlights the partners’ commitment to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing by encouraging the development of a biosourced synthetic rubber industry. Remember that biosourced materials support the Group’s growth strategy of changing mobility to make it more sustainable. This production process will also help Michelin secure its access to butadiene.

Production site


The Michelin Group announces the closure of its Bamberg (Germany) site”

In response to a steep drop in global demand for 16-inch tires and fierce competition from Asian manufacturers on this segment, Michelin made the decision to close its production site in Bamberg (Germany). ?Negotiations with the social partners are currently under way.




“Michelin, Continental and Smag create a joint-venture to develop Rubberway?, the mobile app designed to map sustainability practices across the natural rubber industry”

Rubberway? uses the data collected to assess practices and environmental, social, and governance risks from rubber processing plants to plantations. Tire manufacturers can use it to identify and boost sustainability in the natural rubber supply chain.

Gran Turismo



“Michelin to make Playstation’s Gran Turismo Sport even more gripping for gamers”

Michelin is the “official tire technology partner” for Gran Turismo, the most realistic racing video game on the market. Players choose between hard, medium, and soft MICHELIN tires as they develop their racing strategy, experience the thrill of racing, and get to know the brand.

WWF France



“WWF France and the Michelin Group renew their partnership”

WWF France and the Michelin Group have renewed their joint commitment to a sustainable natural rubber market and the development of a pilot project in Indonesia to?preserve and restore forests while developing responsible rubber plantations that are good for local communities and ecosystems.? In this new phase, the partnership will expand to include two additional areas: sustainable mobility and biodiversity conservation.

Long Lasting Performance



“Michelins LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE strategy, recognized by the European Parliament which voted to introduce tests on worn tires in 2022, was presented in Vienna to showcase its contributions to improved safety, cost savings and environmental protection."

Presented in Vienna July 1-5 2019, Michelin’s LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE strategy highlights the Group’s efforts to ensure that consumers can count on safe tires from the first to last kilometer. Michelin supports the introduction of legislation on this issue and commends the recent decisions of the European Parliament, which expressed its support for strengthening safety standards by introducing tests on worn tires starting in 2022. In addition to improving safety, this strategy has a direct impact on consumer buying power and the environment by preventing premature replacement of tires, which results in overconsumption of resources.




Michelin and Safran announce successful test flights of the first connected aircraft tire in history

During the Paris Air Show, Michelin and Safran Landing Systems announced the successful test flights of the first connected aircraft tire, “PresSense.” The tests took place on a Dassault Aviation Falcon 2000S on June 13 in Istres, France. These test flights represent the latest step in the development of the “PresSense” solution, which should be in service by 2020. This wireless solution will facilitate ground maintenance operations, such as allowing much shorter cooling times so that airplanes can take off faster.




“Michelin and General Motors presented the UPTIS (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System) prototype, a new generation of car tires without compressed air, during the Movin’On summit”

Inspired by Michelin in 2017, the Movin’On summit has become the leading global ecosystem for sustainable mobility, with the goal of moving from ambition to action. During the third edition, which took place from June 4-6, 2019 in Montréal, Michelin and General Motors (GM) presented the Uptis prototype for the first airless tire. It is the result of a research partnership that has already been tested on cars such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV. MICHELIN Uptis features revolutionary improvements in architecture and composite materials, allowing it to withstand both the weight and speed of a car. This is a decisive step toward realizing Michelin’s Vision concept, presented during the “Movin’On” summit in 2017. It is a testament to Michelin and GM’s shared commitment to providing safer and more sustainable mobility solutions.


Actu hydrogene COP23


“Michelin has committed to +22.8% of a one-of-a-kind public-private partnership. The resulting company, Hympulsion, will promote renewable hydrogen mobility in the Auvergne-Rh?ne-Alpes?Region”

The Auvergne-Rh?ne-Alpes Region and the Banque des Territoires have invested +49% in Hympulsion, a one-of-a-kind public-private partnership, while the Michelin Group, ENGIE, and Crédit Agricole together own +51% of the capital. Hympulsion will accelerate the deployment of the Zero Emission Valley, the first renewable hydrogen mobility project in France for professional captive fleets (1,000 vehicles and 20 stations). Co-financed with European funds, this project aims to offer renewable hydrogen vehicles at an overall cost that is comparable with diesel. This project addresses environmental, industrial, and economic challenges all at once.

Gérance du Groupe



“Florent Menegaux, Managing General Partner, elected Chief Executive Officer of the Michelin Group”

Michelin’s Joint Shareholders’ Meeting took place on May 17, 2019 in Clermont-Ferrand. Florent Menegaux, Managing General Partner, became CEO at the end of the Meeting. He took over from Jean-Dominique Senard.

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